Monday, March 25, 2013


It has been a crazy amount of work, but the bedroom is finally done (well, except for the window treatment).  Before we get to the details of the "new" bedroom, let's go back and remember the hideousness that was the "old" bedroom.  Just a note that when I took these pics, the room was a mess because I was prepping walls and moving things out so we could rip out the carpet, which looked like this:

That's genuine 1980s mauve

Paint swatches and all.  Ugh.

View of the closet, pink walls,
tiny bookcase, tv, and gratuitous paint swatches
It was so pink in there

Of course, I have to include a photo of the china cabinet, since it hasn't had a proper debut since it was painted:

Doesn't it look so sad?

Since we're walking down memory lane, here's the night table that was distressed for the Winter Pinterest Challenge:

Out with the old, and in with the NEW!!!  This is the view when you first come through the door:

Pinterest Challenge night table

Lily supervised the photo shoot

Closet detail and laundry basket
Why yes, there is a sparkly gold chevron print in the closet.
 Tiny birds are everywhere...
this one is on the TV
... and in the china sweater cabinet
New home for the TV
designer-inspired frames
It is so odd to have a window in the closet.
an unexpected pretty hinge
Had to have this pillow
The ceiling color surprised us by appearing to be a grayish white against the dark paint
The ceiling paint looks closer to the actual color
in this picture
The floors need to be refinished, but still a vast improvement from the carpet

I'm sure you want details, and I'm only too happy to provide them:

  • Wall Paint:  Glidden Dark French Chocolate (flat)
  • Ceiling Paint: Glidden Amethyst Haze (flat)
  • China Cabinet & Night Stand Paint:  Behr Belgian Cream (flat)
  • Small night table:  Ikea Lack table
  • Quilt:  TJMaxx
  • Basket:  TJ Maxx
  • Pug Art Print:  TJ Maxx
  • Small White Frames:  Ikea Ribba
  • Bird Prints:  Ikea Kort
  • Bonjour Bear Print:  Sebastien Millon
  • Table Lamp & Rectangular Shade:  Target Threshold 
  • Gold Glitter Paint:  Martha Stewart at Home Depot
  • Chevron Stencil*:  Cutting Edge Stencils
  • Tiny White Birds*: 
  • Gold Glittery Bird:  Michael's
  • Burlap Paris 1868 Pillow:  Ebay shop FrenchPresents
  • Gold Beaded Pillow:  Crate & Barrel (sold out)
  • Cream Fuzzy Pillow:  Walmart
*contains affiliates

As far as the "how-to" bits go, I'll provide those details in upcoming posts.

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