Friday, June 8, 2012


I've been planning my garden for next year.  Since I won't arrive until the height of growing season, it'd be a little late to start annual veggies like tomatoes, but I might try for a few container gems.  Moving plants, in my experience, doesn't work very well.  I will be taking my fig trees, and I will, of course, pick up a Meyer lemon tree before I trek north.  The one thing that I have had really great results with, no matter what time of year, is mushrooms.  Once a year, I order a mushroom growing kit.

All these really take to get going is a cold dousing of water, then a good soak.  A bag provides humidity and in about three weeks, you have fresh mushrooms.  When it first arrives, after initially soaking and covering it, it'll look like this:

But then, about a week later, you'll see little nubs start to grow:

And before you know it, you'll have full-fledged 'shrooms:

If your "log" dries out or stops producing... shock it with a cold water bath, and a good soak.  It should recharge it and start producing delicious mushrooms once again!
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