Monday, September 10, 2012

Meet Lily

After much thought, we decided to add a dog to the family.  We wanted a puppy, since the the girls are rather terrified of dogs; and we figured this would give them some adjustment time before the puppy reaches adulthood.  By then, they'd be quite used to it and the fear factor would be gone.  That is the plan, at least.  A few years ago, we rescued a dog from a shelter (an adult) whom we were told was "excellent with kids."  After about a month, he began attacking my middle daughter for no apparent reason.  Not playful nipping... full on attack.  So, that ended badly, but it is also where the kids get their fear of dogs.

I'm happy to say that Lily has been quite playful, and the middle child, Evie, has overcome her fears and will sit on the floor and play, even giggling when Lily nibbles a toe.  The youngest, Emily, is content to just sit and watch.  She's still nervous about her, but has let Lily lick her hand... so it is coming along slowly.  

Lily is a wiggly, wrinkly, snarfing, handful of cuteness.  She's also well on her way to being housebroken!

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