Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Paint swatching

While I love the color pink, I don't want it in my bedroom.   I want to sleep in a dark cocoon of a room, especially since there is a 5x8-foot window in the room.  It's not so bad in the winter, when I wake up before the sun comes up.  In summer, however, it is very much like someone flicking your lights on at 6 o'clock in the morning, every morning.  I want it dark.

The issue, at present, seems to be the belly-board wood trim in the room.  It is a light reddish-oaky color, unlike the wood trim on the first floor, which is dark and rich.  This is almost a blonde wood, but decidedly more red.  It is a yellowy-orangey-tan color that I may paint a high gloss white (but I haven't decided).  On the one hand, it is beautiful.  On the other hand, it makes choosing paint colors nearly impossible.

Testing on the walls right now is Glidden's Driftwood Grey (WGN27) which is a richly saturated greige.  It didn't photograph well at all, and the color looks somewhat flatter than it does in real life.  There is more of a beige tone to the grey, with a slight olive tint:

The plinths are hand-carved and original to the house.  

Above the Driftwood Grey, is a swatch of a previously rejected color, called Lantern.  I picked it up at the local hardware store, and it was a brand I hadn't heard of previously.  It was far too light for my taste.  

At night, this color is dark, dark, dark.  I think it might be a winner, but I'm still on the fence.  

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