Friday, June 3, 2016

Late Spring Updates

We've been busy!  So busy that finding time to blog lately has taken a back seat to actually getting things done.  I'll do my best to stay current, so here's what you've missed:

The chickens live in the garage for the time being, at least at night.  Unfortunately, the garden shed that was being converted into their coop heaved when the snow melted.  I have an 9-inch gap between the ground and the bottom of the shed on one side, and the other side has sunken into the ground enough to make it impossible to open the door on that side.  My trusty landscape guy is going to shore it up, and figured that the previous owners never put down gravel before the concrete, which caused it to heave.  Lesson learned on taking shortcuts!

Cue running around like a fool
With the help of my friend, Reilly, I got the raised beds in last weekend.  I'm just now waiting for trusty landscape guy to deliver my topsoil, which will hopefully happen this weekend.

The kitchen backsplash has been complete for a few weeks, delayed by a miscalculation on my part when I ran out of grout and only had about 8 inches of tile spacing to finish.  It looks amazing, though, and I've decided on my days off that involve rain, that I can work on getting the kitchen cabinets painted and the countertop done.

The back porch walls have been painted.  I picked up some Sherwin Williams' porch enamel so that I can paint the floor next week.  Once that is done, I'll be moving furniture in and making it a usable space.

What's left?  So much!  Here's the list of projects that still need to be tackled:

  • Paint both of the girls' rooms.  
  • Paint Evie and Emily's bunk beds
  • Finish removing glue from the entry and paint that.
  • Paint the master bedroom.
  • Decorate all of the above.
  • Install a pea gravel patio in the back yard.
  • Finish chicken coop and chicken run.
  • Paint porch floor; decorate porch.
  • Plant the gardens.
  • Paint kitchen cabinets and swap out hardware.
  • Resurface kitchen counters.
  • Remodel bathroom.
  • Add some curb appeal to the front door.
I'm sure I'll find more to add to the list.  For now, I'm just going to be exhausted for a bit.
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