Wednesday, February 20, 2013


A few weeks ago, I went to a local antique "mall" that has been around these parts for ages, called the Salamanca Antique Mall.  It is a decent distance away, and always provides a great escape from stalking perusing the local thrift store for decent furniture.  It is the sort of place where stalls are rented by individual sellers, so you really never know what you're going to find.  The two younger kids hate going to the antique mall, and complain that it smells like dust.  On our last kid-accompanied trip there, Emily kept saying, "These are all old things.  Let's go."  She ended up in the car with her sister and my delightful fiance, watching Charlie & Lola DVDs.  I got to shop alone, which is how I like it.

Anyway, this place sends coupons via email, for weird amounts off of an item that is greater than $10 (not hard to find, here).  I didn't have a current coupon, but I knew that they like to send them out just before holidays, like President's Day.  I knew I wanted to find something similar to the cabinet that I found at The Blue Cupboard, shown above.  Preferably something with less curvy, swirlyness, since I lean toward modern lines when it comes to furniture.

Stuck against a wall, piled high with stuff, was this cabinet:

I cannot tell you how much I want to organize those stacks of books
The best part?  This puppy had been there for quite a while, and had been discounted a few times:
From $150 to a mere 80 beans!
Since I was coupon-less, I decided to take the chance that it'd still be there until there was some sort of savings involved.  Here are some other antique bits that caught my eye:
This card catalog is gorgeous... I just don't happen to have a spare $700
Don't you love all of the different pulls?

Loved this table; hated the wobbly legs on it.

These totally would have been mine, if they weren't the same foot.
Klompen are awesome, and still sometimes worn by farmers in the Netherlands

An entire stall full of Fiesta
There were a few other things that I liked, a tin pudding mold with lid, vintage glass milk bottles, and some turn-of-the-century magazines in great condition.  I did get them, but they're not quite ready to be photographed.

About a week after this trip, I did get a coupon in my email (24% off!), went back, and snagged the cabinet:
So nice now that it is empty!
I love great little details, and this has got to be my favorite part of the cabinet:

The cabinet automatically locks, and this little handle has a push button that unlocks the door.  I love it!

On my way out, I spied this tiny Moroccan-style stool and had to snag it, since it was $15, and qualified for an additional 24% off:

To paint, or not to paint... that is the question.
I haven't decided where it will go, or what it will be used as.  Should it be a plant stand?  Stool?  Kid seat?  And then come the decorative considerations... paint it?  Leave it as it is?  Try that tinfoil leafing technique I saw on Pinterest?  Ideas are greatly appreciated.
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