Monday, February 18, 2013


At what point do you think choosing a paint color might make you insane?  I think I might be there, but, unless I want to live in a patchwork of paint colors, I have to pick one.


This week's colors are all from giant box store, Glidden's Black Tulip, Dark French Chocolate, and Totally Teal.  
Dark French Chocolate and Black Tulip
This is how they swatched out:

Against the door frame, Black Tulip (top); Dark French Chocolate (bottom)
Completely ignore the previously swatched color on the wall.
And then I added the Totally Teal:
This was taken after sundown, with the overhead light on and the flash.

I don't think the teal is going to work for the cocoon-like feeling that I want.  I keep looking at it and I think, "Bad 80s Film" Teal would have been a more appropriate name.  Like, woah....

Glidden Totally Teal
It works with the wood, but it is far too bright.  Totally.
I am quite sure it has come down to these two:
(top) Glidden Dark French Chocolate
(bottom) Glidden Black Tulip
Tomorrow, I'm going to swing by the store and buy a couple of gallons of paint.  Which one will it be?  

You'll have to wait and see.

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