Friday, February 1, 2013

Moving along

This past week, we had a day of spring.  Just one day of rainy, 58*F weather to get my urge to garden into gear.  Of course, the very next day was in the 20s, and today, it's a mere 10 degrees out there, with lake effect snow on top of it all.

There is nothing worse than waiting for spring, in my opinion.  Because there is no way I can hurry it along (outside of using copious amounts of fossil fuel, I guess), I did the next best thing:  I planned my spring projects.

My front porch can be seen in the banner.  It is big enough for a sofa or a daybed, and enclosed in glass.  In the late afternoon, the sun shines into the porch, heating it up.  This isn't bad in the winter, but in summer, it makes being out there nearly unbearable during the day.  At night, it is lovely, and I'd like to refashion it as a southern sleeping porch.  So, here is the to-do list:

1.  Install breezy curtains that block the afternoon warm-up effect.
2.  Paint the horrid sea-green colored wainscoting.
3.  Repaint the front door from the horrid purple-red to something classic.
4.  Make it a functional space with a daybed of some sort.

I really like the feel of this:
from Vintage House

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