Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Field Trip!

Remember the inspiration pic for the front porch?  Well, the first order of business was to procure an antique iron shabby-chic bed frame so that the southern sleeping porch could evolve.  Enter Craigslist.

I have been scouring "local" Craigslist ads for a few weeks now, looking for the right sort of bed frame and then a couple of nights ago, found one.  It was in Erie, about 2 hours away, and it was still available.  Today was a lovely, sunny day with not one flake of snow in the air, so I hopped in the car with Daniel, my British-accented GPS.

It turns out, this little treasure was at a small antique furniture shop called The Blue Cupboard.  It's like stepping into the brain of Rachel Ashwell, but better.  It is small, definitely comfortable, and the owner/interior designer/decorator, Stacy, couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating.  Seriously, I wanted to move in.  I inquired about a pastry stand that was in the workroom, but was in the process of waiting for a coat of paint.  Stacy had it painted while I shopped, and it dried completely on my way home.  

Stacy also creates custom furniture, and the pieces I saw recycled gorgeous antique bits and just made them wonderful in all the right ways.  There is also high-end furniture for sale at really great prices (like an armchair that I really want, marked from $1198 to about $600 and some change).

Of course, I took pictures.  I couldn't go on a proper field trip without sharing it with all of you.  So, without further ado, The Blue Cupboard:
I love, love, love this dresser.

There's the armchair.  See the white iron headboard leaning against the post?  That is mine.

I also picked up this industrial stool for a song.  Isn't it gorgeous?

I want this table, too.

I love this cabinet.  LOVE it.  See that round thing on the lower shelf?  I bought  that.
There is a better photo of its twin, which is for sale on EBay at present.

This is the twin that is floating around on EBay.  It is actually a light fixture, but I love it as-is.

More cabinet.

A custom island that Stacy made.  She also made the tin bookend that is on top of it.
Said pair of bookends would easily make a great set of corner shelves.  I wanted them, but had to economize.

The chair with the buffalo plaid pillow on it is a new chair.  It was definitely gorgeous.

I would love to have this full-size bed frame

One of the islands Stacy remade.  The top is distressed, and will be epoxied.  There are antique corbels on the other side that are lovely.

I love the Hazel Atlas mason jars on the fireplace mantle.  

Here is a close up of those tin bookends

This is a nearly 8-foot long bench with a custom cushion.  It used to be in a church somewhere,
but, I think it'd look much better in my living room.

I want this table in my dining room.

A little table that would be great in a small entry to catch keys, or to put
plants and photos on

A tin ceiling tile, framed

This was really sweet, and would look perfect in my entry.  The glass knobs really made it sparkle.
Well, there you have it.  Well, almost.  Here is the pastry stand that was painted while I shopped:

Isn't it sweet?  It still needs to be roughed up a bit.
If you are in the greater Erie area, you can find The Blue Cupboard at 5412 West Lake Road in Erie.  It is super easy to get to, and I highly recommend you visit if it is at all possible.  They're on Facebook, too, so you can stay informed of estate sales they are putting on as well!  

I'm definitely going back.  It is simply too awesome not to.
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